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Empowering Veterans

To Become Online Entrepreneurs,
In Double-Time!

Live Event In:

How to Become an Online Entrepreneur in Double-Time!

Find Your Authentic Message, Tell Your Story, and Build a Successful Business With Online Coaching and Information Products.

A Free Invitation for Veterans to Discover How To:

Find Your Message

Your service is your story. Refine your story into your message to millions​.

Turn Your Message into Products

Take your authentic message and create online information products.

Turn Your Products into Revenue

Develop passive income streams with your online information products.

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05 February 2019

About the Event

Get Clear on Your Story

People today Crave Authenticity! What sells today is you, your story, and your lessons learned from serving this country.

You will uncover little nuggets of knowledge, life experience, and wisdom from your service that you overlooked or discounted that you can unleash to create multiple streams of income.

You will then discover how to package your experience and wisdom into a step-by-step curriculum that allows you to start making money NOW

Develop Your Information Products

We don’t just have to offer a product or a service, we have entered into the information age, where the expert information you bring, the coaching insights you have, can be even more valuable than simply doing something for someone.

But how do we package and offer information? What’s different about ours over any of the thousands of other so-called experts?

Monetize Your Lessons Learned.

Your Information Products will take on many forms and then be able to generate multiple revanue streams.

It's Time to Take Action on Your Objective

It’s time to get crystal clear on who you are here to serve, what problems you truly solve, and why you are the expert of choice!

Learn how to use cutting-edge speaking strategies to get your message, your story, and your business out there so you can get paying clients immediately.

About the Presenters


Sean Brannan is a 100% disabled combat veteran who has served in both the U.S. Marine Corps and the U.S. Army.   

Since his medical retirement in 2010, Sean has become a certified Leadership Coach and Trainer with a passion for personal growth and development and a dedication to helping others find their passions and purpose. 

He is also very active in the veteran community by volunteering at various veterans organizations to include Team RWB, VFW, American Legion, Diving Devil Dogs, as well as local clubs. He is dedicated to helping his fellow brothers and sisters define and share their stories.

John Hawkins is a Consciousness Entrepreneur and Business Coach who Teaches CEO’s, Coaches, Speakers, and Business Owners How To Turn Their Life Story Into A Message That Impacts Millions and Makes Millions.

John is also the founder of the Emotional Literacy Foundation. His Divine Assignment is to inspire change in teenagers who are on a path of criminality. He is the creator of the “Storytelling Challenge”, an after school program/English class that is transforming teenagers lives in the California school system.

He has devoted his life to helping educators and conscious entrepreneurs expand their capacity to serve and increase their income through Storytelling, Speaking and Internet Marketing.

Your Free Gift

3 Reasons You Should Attend

Valuable Information ~ Collaboration with Fellow Veterans ~ Grow Your Network

Good Intel

You will receive on-point information that will get you moving towards your objective and help you navigate the mine field of becoming an online entrepreneur.

Team Work

It’s all about the team you put around you! When you get around motivated individuals wanting the same outcome, anything is possible! 


It’s who you know more than what you know. Connect with brothers and sisters to grow a strong network you can count on.